Adding a Room/Suitemate to your Application

myHousing is your web portal to all things related to residence at the University of Guelph.   You will use myHousing to view your room assignment (later in the summer), add roommate preferences, or to see your billing.    

To access your myHousing account, go to

You will need your University of Guelph central login and password to access myHousing.  


Go to

1.  You will be forwarded to the log in screen. Use your central login user name and password.

2.  The first screen contains a summary of your activity. Your name will appear with a list of important messages about your residence status such as 'application & deposit received'.  On the right side of the screen, there is a navigation menu.

3.  To select roommates, click on 'Roommate Selection' .  
There are two help files to assist you at the top. Please review.
There is a list of text boxes to search for roommates.
In the 'Last name' text box, type the last name of your preferred roommate.

4.  Click on the button below it that says 'Request Student as Roommate'

5.  On the next screen you will be presented with a list of roommates that have the last name that you typed.  Select the correct name and then click 'Continue'

If the correct name does not appear, click cancel and check the spelling before continuing.

6.  Once you select someone and click 'Continue', you will see a new screen that indicates the requested roommate and their status. If they have not selected you yet, the status will indicate 'Does Not Match'. Please note, any "unmatched" requests will not be granted.

You can remind them to select you in person or by clicking on the remind button beside the status box. Or contact your friend directly and remind them to complete the roommate request form.

You can also remove them from your preferences if you wish. On this screen, you can also add another roommate below the roommate request table using the same process as above.

As your requested roommate(s) begin to select you, their status will change to 'Matches'.

7.  It is important that you and your preferred roommate(s) have the same residence and room type  preferences.  Otherwise, we don't know what you really want.  You can change the order and preference type by following the instructions below.