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where university comes to life!

Making the choice to live in residence at Guelph is one of the best decisions that you have made!  Where else do you get to live and interact surrounded by peers and participate in amazing opportunities that support you as an individual, a scholar and a citizen!  Living in a community adds a whole new layer to your student experience and our staff are committed to encouraging, facilitating and developing fun and tight knit communities that support each others differences and celebrate success. 

why we do it

  • so students feel connected in their non-academic world
  • to create shared memories and experiences
  • to support the transition to university and life as a Gryphon
  • overall support of the person, scholar and citizen

what we aim to do

We want our residence communities to be dynamic, fun but also to provide students with opportunities to grow and develop as they experience life at the University of Guelph.  Our overarching goals for the residence environment drives the work that we do. 

Community engagement, personal development, and academic success combine into our residence life vision