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General Inquiries:

Email:  housing@uoguelph.ca

Phone: 519 824-4120 ext. 58700

Fax Main Office: 519 767-1670


Our Mailing Address:

Student Housing Services

Maritime Hall, 50 Stone Road East

University of Guelph,

Guelph Ontario  N1G 2W1



Who Should I Call?  

Student Housing Services is made up of several service areas to help you.  You can direct your inquiry to the most appropriate service area below.


Residence Admissions

519-824-4120 ext. 58701



  • For general inquiries, applications, deposits, room transfers, withdrawals, and payment of fees.


Residence Life

519-824-4120 ext. 52348



  • For community life, residence assistants, safety, conduct, programming or matters relating to your residence experience. Contact information for the Residence Life Managers and Assistant Residence Life Managers is found here.


Residence Facilities and Desk Services

519-824-4120 ext. 53761



  • For inquiries about building condition, work orders, damages, custodial services and service desks.
  • Inquiries about Summer Hostel should be directed to hostel@uoguelph.ca


Family Housing

519-824-4120 ext. 52551


  • General inquiries about rentals, rates, application and accommodation availability.
  • Inquiries about community life, safety, neighbourhood issues and programs should be directed to comlife@uoguelph.ca



Meet Our Team! 

Irene Thompson


Irene Thompson,

Director, Student Housing Services

Email: irenes@uoguelph.ca

Phone: ext. 53468


Brent Harwood


Brent Harwood,

Associate Director, Residence Facilities

Email: bharwood@uoguelph.ca

Phone: ext. 54361


Leanne PIper


Leanne Piper

Manager, Residence Admissions, Marketing, Family Housing Rentals

Email: piperl@uoguelph.ca

Phone: ext. 53421


Ward Ilsley


Ward Ilsley

Manager, Facilities

Email: willsley@uoguelph.ca

Phone: ext. 53316


Brennan Reniers


Brennan Reniers

Manager, Business Operations

Email: breniers@uoguelph.ca

Phone: ext. 52344


Julie West


Julie West 

Manager, Research and Special Projects

Email: jwest@uoguelph.ca

Phone: ext. 52789



Our Residence Life Management Team


Patrick Kelly 

Associate Director, Residence Life



Jessica Nayda

Acting Community Standards Officer



Kristin Lennan

South Residence Area Co-ordinator



Barb Robbins

Community Life Manager, West Residence and Family Housing



Daniel Brisebois

Residence Life Manager, Johnston, Mills and Maids



Sarah Bradley

Residence Life Manager, Lennox-Addington



Mildred Eisenbach

Manager, Residence Learning Communities (LLCs, TLCs and ALCs)



Amanda Adams

Residence Life Manager, East Residence



Stewart Traill

Residence Life Manager, East Village 




Brian Ingoldsby

Residence Programme Co-ordinator