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an unforgettable experience

For many of you,  your first year of university will be the first time you've lived away from home. As you bravely embark on this next stage of your life, you are likely excited about the newfound freedoms you will gain, and the countless experiences and memories you plan to have and make in your first year. It is our job as a Residence Life team to help create these experiences for you (and all your fellow students!). 

As you learn, grow and live with us over the coming year, our Residence Life team will help ensure that you live in a fun, engaging environment that supports your personal and academic development. Additionally, we'll be here to support you through any challenges you may face, helping you get connected, answering questions and making sure you feel at home in your community. Ready to get started?!?

While you likely have your own goals for your first year experience, we have some too! Our team will work to ensure your residence experience is conducive of: 

Personal Growth - We'll support your personal development.
Academic Growth and Success - We'll support your academic growth and success.
Involvement and Engagement - We will provide you with countless opportunities to develop relationships and engage in our residence and campus community.