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Volunteering is a big part of the University of Guelph experience. We have one of the highest percentages of students who contribute their time to the community in North America. And there are many opportunities right here in residence for you to get involved.

If you enjoyed volunteering in the past, we are here to help you continue those passions. If volunteering is something you haven’t tried there are many opportunities that don’t require any experience.


Volunteer/ Leadership Opportunity


How To Apply

Residence Community Integrity Board (RCIB)

Are you interested in supporting your residence community by contributing one to three hours of your time each week? By volunteering for the Residence Community Integrity board (RCIB) you will work with professionals and fellow students to ensure the Residence Community Living Standards are upheld.

You’ll receive training about: roles and responsibilities, understanding conduct decisions, Restorative Justice, ethical standards, community impacts, principles of natural justice, active listening and comprehension of the Residence Community Living Standards.             

Submit Application to

Interhall Council

Interhall Council is the Residence Hall Association for the University of Guelph. Volunteer with the IHC and you’ll have many opportunities to get involved during orientation week and continue to lead student programs throughout the year. There is a separate council for each residence building. 

Email for further information.
Athletics in Residence (AiR) Committee

Have a passion for sports and student government? You’ve come to the right place!  This year, student leaders from each residence will represent their halls on the Athletics in Residence (AiR) Committee. AiR Reps will be responsible for Marketing the Residence and Athletics Intramural League (RAIL), liaising with the coaches from their buildings, organizing the annual Rez Rumble tournament, planning campus-wide events and more!

For more information email the Residence Program Coordinator at

To complete an application please complete this online form
Conversation Partner 

Through the Office of Intercultural Affairs volunteer as a conversation partner and you can gain first-hand knowledge about another culture while helping a peer practice English language skills.  Volunteers are paired with an international student or English as an Additional Language student and help them become more comfortable with the English language and communication skills.  Partners meet for casual conversations on their own and are encouraged to attend weekly Conversational Cafes. 

If interested email

Student Volunteer Connections

Wanting to volunteer beyond the campus? Student Volunteer Connections can help. This teams connects students with volunteer opportunities in the City of Guelph that are not on campus. Talk to the staff about personalized volunteer referrals, group volunteer opportunities, training and workshops, volunteer funding grants, and weekly involvement listings. They are located on campus in Raithby house and have office hours during the week when you can stop in at to learn more.  

Check SVC for more information.