Alcohol & Drugs

As a university student, you are enjoying new freedoms. As part of the University of Guelph residence community, you also have new responsibilities. Alcohol can be an enjoyable part of socializing and relaxing – but alcohol and drugs also have the potential to increase the risk of harm to yourself and others. Our guidelines are aimed at reducing those risks while still having fun.


Alcohol Consumption – Orientation Week
It's a crazy week anyway!  You are not permitted to be in possession of or under the influence of alcohol from move-in day until the Monday after Orientation week.

Alcohol Paraphernalia
Drinking accessories such as funnels, brewing equipment and drinking hats are not permitted in residence.

Beer Bottles
Glass breaks, and we've had problems in the past with broken beer bottles around residence creating a safety hazard.  So please stick to cans only.

Mass Consumption
Drinking Games and other activities that encourage people to drink up and drink up fast?  Those aren't permitted either.  We also don't allow 'common source' alcohol containers.  So no kegs (of any size), no bubbas, no Texas Mickeys and containers larger than a 26 oz bottle.   

Open Alcohol*
If you’re of legal age, you are welcome to drink in your room and other private and designated areas. But drinking is not allowed on street level, residence desk areas, lobbies, foyers, elevators, stairwells, hallways, washrooms and common rooms/lounges. When carrying your drinks into the building or from one room to another, they must be transported in a closed container. That means the original, unopened container or one that is sealed.

Parties or Social Gatherings
Sure, you want to hang out with your friends. But parties can get out of hand. To prevent that, we have defined a “drinking party” as one where consuming alcohol is one of the primary activities, where the music is too loud to be considered “background music” and where there are more than seven people attending. You’re not allowed to host or advertise parties that fit that description.

Underage Drinking *
The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19 years of age. If you’re not 19 yet, you’re not allowed to consume alcohol.

Illegal Drugs & Substances *
You're not allowed to possess, use or traffic drugs that are in contravention of the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act while in residence. This also includes prescription drugs without a prescription in your name.  Possession of drugs in quantities that are deemed to be significant (ie. not for personal use, 10 grams or more of marijuana) or unexplainable by medical documentation are strictly prohibited.  Illegal drug suspicion will involve follow up from Residence Life Staff and/or Campus Community Police to investigate. 


Cannabis Consumption – Orientation Week
Many of our expecations around cannabis in residence are similar to alcohol.  During Orientation Week, cannabis consumption, possession, or use by anyone regardless of age is not permitted.

Unsealed Cannabis
We want to make sure that other people in your community are not impacted by anyone elses cannabis possession or us.  As such, we ask that you keep your cannabis stored in it's original packaging and in a way that ensures others are not impacted by the smell.

Underage Cannabis Possession/Use
The legal age to possess or use cannabis and any by-products is 19 years of age.

Illegal Drug Paraphernalia *
Illegal Drug Paraphernalia are not permitted in residence.

The RCLS which also fall under the Policy on Non Academic Misconduct are indicated by an asterisks “*”. These RCLS may be associated with common campus outcomes.