Building Care

Let's keep it neat and tidy!

We're not expecting spotless rooms that look like magazine photos. But we do have some standards!

Cleanliness Standards
Keep your room picked up (clothes off the floor, empty food containers in the garbage, etc.), and make sure to remove garbage frequently. This will help keep pests out of your room and make it more comfortable. If you have common areas, work out a schedule with your roommates or suite-mates to do the routine cleaning tasks.

Equipment Storage
Large pieces of equipment such as bicycles, hockey equipment, furniture, etc. are not to be stored in the common/shared living areas.  Bicycles can be locked at outdoor bike shelters or kept in your residence room (being mindful of oil, mud that may require cleaning, roommate's space etc...).

You may really miss Fluffy, but we’re sure you can imagine the mess and chaos we’d have if everyone brought a pet. Pets are NOT allowed. The only exception: non-dangerous fish in small (ie. less than 5 gallon) aquaria or fishbowls. Service animals are excepted in accordance with the University Animal Policy. 

Postering & Decorating
Good news – you can put up posters and other decorations in designated areas. Just check the SHS Poster Policy first.  Decorations can not create a fire hazard or be in poor taste.

Property Damage *
Damage to property is taken seriously.  It goes without saying that vandalism is not permitted in residence.  If you have accidentally caused damage, or if you are aware of any acts of vandalism, you are encouraged to report to Student Housing Staff.

Removal of Student Housing Property *
You’re not allowed to remove or relocate furniture or other items from lounges, residence rooms, dining areas, or other common areas.

You’re not allowed to use your room or any other space in residence for commercial purposes. That means no sales parties and no selling or promoting items or services.

Telecommunications & Piracy
You are expected to follow the University and ResNet policies and agreements about computer use. That includes not running or installing wires, cables or other electronic connections between rooms, in hallways or outside buildings between windows.

Prohibited Items & Use
You should also be aware of items that are not allowed in your room.  Items which are not allowed and may be confiscated include:

  • Lit candles or incense

  • Waterbeds

  • Halogen lamps

  • Hoverboards

  • Cooking appliances such as toasters and hot plates (if your residence has an approved kitchen area, you may use some appliances there.

The RCLS which also fall under the Policy on Non Academic Misconduct are indicated by asterisks “*”. These RCLS may be associated with common campus outcomes.