Consider the rights of others

The secret to getting along in a residence community is respect - for your roommates, for other residents, and for the Student Housing Staff.  

Responsible Behavior
You are expected to behaviour responsibly and to follow the guidelines we have outlined in the Residence Community Living Standards to not impact yourself or others in a negative way. 

Initiating, supporting, or participating in pranks that are inappropriate, disruptive, offensive, and/or damaging are not permitted.

Cooperation with Staff
If you are asked to do something by a staff member who is acting within the scope of their authority there is probably a good reason.  You are expected to compile with these requests.

Don’t gamble or run gambling events such as poker games, hockey pools, raffles, bingo games, etc. Most of these activities are restricted by law and we don't permit them.

Physically Active Games in Residence
Reserve physical activity for the outdoors!  For safety, there is no running, bike riding, skateboarding, hoverboarding, sports etc.. indoors.  There are plenty of spaces elsewhere on campus where you can be active.