Safety & Security

Keep your home safe

Door Propping & Inappropriate Use
We keep doors locked and monitor the perimeters of the residence properties for a reason – your safety. Don’t prop open outside doors or tamper with security cameras/equipment.  Please follow and respect door access hours and limitations.  

Restricted or Unauthorized Areas *
Certain areas of a residence may be restricted for various reasons.  You are expected to stay out of those areas (except in emergencies).   Accessing restricted areas may lead to eviction from residence.  Some of the areas where you are NOT allowed to go are:

  • Any roof of a building

  • Restricted balconies

  • Tunnels

  • Attics

  • Another resident's or vacant room (without permission)

  • Any other location with signs to indicate that it is restricted or that unauthorized people may not enter.

Unauthorized Key Possession/Use *
You are not allowed to copy, lend or be in the possession of unauthorized keys, fobs or student IDs.

Theft *
Theft is theft in residence, just like everywhere else.  Possession of another person’s or University property without permission is prohibited.

Weapons *
Weapons are not allowed in residence.  That includes things that could be mistaken for a weapon (e.g. realistic toy gun), are created or intended to cause harm, or could be seen as intimidating.  Some examples of items that are not permitted include:

  • Firearms, handguns, etc.

  • Fencing foils

  • Ceremonial or decorative swords

  • Air soft guns

  • Paintball guns

  • Hunting knives or switchblades

  • Brass knuckles, throwing stars, etc.

The RCLS which also fall under the Policy on Non Academic Misconduct are indicated by an asterisks “*”. These RCLS may be associated with common campus outcomes.