Residence Cup

Current '18-19 Standings


Total Points

Lennox-Addington 360
Johnston 355
Prairie 255
Mountain 244
Lambton 215
Mills 200
East Village 177
Watson 175
East Residence 168
Arts House 165



The Residence Cup program is a year-long competition between residence buildings, battling to be crowned the year's Residence Cup champion!  Are you ready to compete?

You will participate with your peers in events planned by the Residence Life team, in collaboration with Athletics, Interhall Council, Student Life, Meal Exchange, the Guelph Children's Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society, and more great campus and community partners. 

If you want to contribute to the success of your community, consider getting involved in one or more of the Residence Cup events and help push your team toward the championship!

How Does my Residence Get Points?

Points are awarded to residence buildings based on the percentage of each community that participates in each event, the outcome of events, and/or your residence's sportsmanship throughout the year. 

What are these "Residence Cup" Events?

Events are for the Fall 2018 semester include:

  • Pep Rally 

  • Residence and Athletics Intramural League (RAIL) (All semester)

  • The Roommate Gameshow 

  • Manager Meet and Greets 

  • Homecoming Pump-Up Parties 

  • Gryphon Battle (lip-sync competition)

  • Res Rumble (volleyball tournament) 

  • RAIL Finals

  • Professor Recognition Campaign